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Personal Injury and Criminal Defense Attorney in Cumming, GA

Serving the People of North Georgia and the Greater Atlanta Area

If you are facing a difficult life issue, such as a recent criminal arrest or a negligence-based injury, you are likely in a state of distress. You have understandable concerns and uncertainties about how to resolve these issues in the most beneficial way for yourself and your family.

At The McCormick Firm P.C., we want you to know you don’t have to stress out for even one more day. Our highly-professional attorneys can answer your pressing legal questions, help ensure your rights are protected and give you practical options for effective resolutions to these problems.

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The McCormick Firm P.C. is a multi-service bilingual law firm serving Georgians and their families throughout Georgia, the Atlanta area, and Forsyth County.

Learn more about Attorney McCormick, his background, and our services by contacting us to set up your personalized talk with him as soon as possible. Get the real and genuine professional legal care you need and deserve.

Responsive: We promise to return your call or email as soon as possible.
Accessible: We pride ourselves on being available for our clients questions and concerns.
Passionate: We are committed to our clients and to achieving their best case scenario.
Call right now to get the answers you need and deserve. We truly know how important a personal touch is when dealing with very private and sensitive legal issues. Our team knows Georgia laws and the local courts and can help you resolve these critical issues.

Need answers or guidance about your legal situation? Contact a Georgia lawyer near Atlanta at our Cumming office to discuss your case via our online consultation request form or by calling (678) 667-7925.

  • LeShante Wade

    Chris and his team handled my car accident case. His team was very professional and patient. Chris was very kind, professional, and straightforward. They provided timely updates throughout the process. I will definitely recommend this law firm to anyone in need of a lawyer.

  • Ken Rawcliffe

    I have dealt with attorneys almost daily in my 51 years in business.I needed a quality lawyer, and finding Chris and his staff met all my expectations. He is the best!!!!

  • Terra Jeffery

    I’ve used Chris McCormick several times. His responsiveness is second to none, always there to address my concerns and keep me informed throughout the legal process. Not only are his services reasonably priced, but the value he provides far exceeds the cost. What truly sets him apart is his consistent track record of winning cases. If you’re in need of a top-notch attorney, look no further!

  • AK

    Having worked with several attorneys in the past, we have not had the best experiences. Thus, Attorney Chris McCormick was a beacon of hope in handing our most recent family matter. He was professional and timely in his response to all of our calls and emails. Not to mention his cost was extremely reasonable and what we were quoted is what we were invoiced. We will definitely use him in othe future and recommend him to all our family and friends.

  • Adam Blankenship

    I came to the mccormick firm in need of serious help. Chris got me through my legal charges and divorce case. Chris and his staff always got back to me very quickly and always gave me great advice. I got my life back thanks to this lawfirm.If anyone needs an attorney Chris mccormick is the attorney to call he really works for you. Great lawfirm!!!

Our Areas of Service

We are available 24/7 and offer bilingual-Spanish services, as well as same-day consultations (subject to availability). Our legal areas of focus include criminal defense and personal injury.

Criminal Defense

A defense attorney or criminal defense attorney defends those who have been charged with crimes. They speak on behalf of their clients and fulfill other roles during the criminal case as well. This may include investigating, analyzing evidence, and more.

At The McCormick Firm, P.C., our Cumming criminal defense lawyer is backed by years of experience and has helped protect the rights of clients who have been charged with a crime throughout North Georgia and the Greater Atlanta Area.

Personal Injury

Personal injury caused by a car crash encompasses many types of injuries. We commonly see injuries like whiplash, broken bones, brain injury,  paralysis, bruising, and lacerations in car accident situations. In these cases, the damages you may be owed are not limited to physical damage but also emotional and mental impairments.

If you’re in a car, truck, or motorcycle accident, it’s crucial that you seek legal help. The sooner, the better because this will give your lawyer a better chance to build a strong case and win.

Highly-Reputable with Proven Success

Our firm is proud of the many top reviews and recommendations we have received as we have fought for optimal results for the people we serve. Our founding attorney, Chris McCormick, brings 10 years of experience and a proven track record of success to your case. That success is based on our passion to serve, the personal attention we provide, and our responsiveness to your needs and goals. Our team is ready to fight for you, no matter the area of practice, complexity, or scale.

If you are looking for genuine care, competence, and advocacy, we urge you to look no further than The McCormick Firm, P.C. Our Atlanta lawyers look forward to helping you through your case.


What Happens if I Refuse a Breathalyzer Test?

Refusing a Breathalyzer test will likely result in having your license suspended or even face jail time. The prosecutors may still base a potential DUI/DWI charge on other evidence collected at the scene, including officer observations, or the results of a field sobriety test. Also, your refusal may be used against you in any possible trial.

Driving on our nation’s road is considered a privilege, not a right. Therefore, states can suspend or revoke your driver’s license, levy fines, or even put you in jail for not submitting to a BAC test when suspected of a DUI.

Turns out that under “Implied Consent Laws,” drivers have implicitly consented to a BAC test in exchange for a driver’s license. Bottom line, if you refuse a Breathalyzer, you will surrender your driving privileges, for 12 months. Those with past DUI convictions can face even longer suspensions or even jail time. Of course, some may conclude that the penalty for refusing a BAC test is less severe than a third or fourth DUI conviction, so it really depends.

“No-Refusal” Enforcement: The state can force suspects drunk drivers to submit to testing under the authority of a warrant. Refusing a warrant-ordered BAC test can result in serious contempt charges, and the police can just draw a blood test by force.

What About the 30 Day Rule?

The 30 day rule comes into play if you refused to take a urine, blood or breath test. If this is the case in your situation, you are looking at a one year suspension of your driver’s license. You can avoid this by requesting a hearing to the Georgia Department of Public Safety, which must be handwritten. If you do not make this request within 30 business days of your arrest, then your Georgia driver’s license will be suspended automatically.

What if the Arresting Officer Did Not Read Me My Miranda Rights?
Under Georgia law, a police officer does not have to give a Miranda warning during an officer’s initial DUI investigation. A police officer only has to issue you your Miranda rights after you have been arrested and before the officer interrogates you. You should keep quiet, knowing that the officer is in charge and is listen carefully and watching you. The more you say the more likely you are to incriminate yourself before, during or after you have been arrested.

However, if you have been placed into custody, interrogated, and not issued a Miranda warning any incriminating statements you make will not be admissible in the court of law. It is always a good idea to contact an Cumming Georgia DUI lawyer if you have any questions regarding Miranda rights or any other facet of DUI law.

What Happens if I Plead Guilty to a DUI in a Georgia Court?
Mandatory jail time. Despite your cooperation, the judge ruling over your case has no other choice but to sentence you to jail time. Your license will also be suspended for one year, and you will have a Criminal Record (DUI), making it difficult to get a good job. Higher automobile insurance rates will follow you for years. Then add to all of this, major anxiety and emotional stress that often leads to family and work related issues.