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Divorce Attorney in Cumming, GA

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When filing for a divorce you want personal attention and exceptional legal representation, which is exactly what we provide for our clients. The McCormick Firm uses our legal skills to accomplish our clients’ goals in Contested, Uncontested, and Joint Petition Divorces.

You will benefit from our preparedness, legal acumen, decorum, and clear compelling advocacy that we demonstrate daily in the Forsyth County Family Courts. Our work has earned us the respect of the Family Court judges and opposing counsel alike.

Divorce or divorce-related issues likely dominate your life right now. The ending of a marriage is almost always very difficult. Painful memories, hurtful words and then going through a complicated and long legal process, can be overwhelming. Many important and life altering issues must be resolved. We understand that, and we can help.

The choice you make for a divorce attorney will likely play a critical role during the legal process and in the outcome of your case. Give us a call today at  (678) 990-2042 and let us help.

Cumming Divorce Attorney

Experienced Attorney Chris McCormick can help you from the beginning through the end of the divorce process securing your wealth and assisting in reaching the best outcome for you and your children. Our goal is to help you make the decisions that protect your legal rights and that are in the best interests of you and your children. We work hard to improve the lives of children affected by divorce through skillful, compassionate, and assertive legal representation.

We work tirelessly toward crafting a divorce resolution that meets your individual needs. In the event settlement cannot be reached, we have the experience, skills, and resources to prepare your case and effectively represent you in court. We have successfully represented many clients to achieve the results they desired. We value communication and always seek to respond timely to our clients’ calls and concerns.

We will answer all of your questions, address all of your concerns, and advise and consult with you before any decisions are made.

  • We prepare and review prenuptial agreements
  • Negotiate reasonable and fair child support and alimony payments when required
  • Negotiate fair and equitable division of marital property, assets, and debts, resolve child custody and visitation disputes
  • Fight to keep your parental rights intact
  • We WILL NOT let your spouse’s attorney intimidate you

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  • Separation

    In Georgia you can continue to reside together in the same marital home and be considered "separated". Georgia only requires that the parties are in a "bonafide state of separation", regardless as to whether they continued to reside in the same marital residence.

  • Waiting Periods

    Divorce in Georgia can take as little as thirty-one (31) days from the date of filing the divorce action, by signing a "Consent To Trial". This is only for "uncontested divorces", through a "Settlement Agreement" resolving all the issues pertaining to division of assets/property, marital debts, minor children, and so forth. However, when the divorce contested; however, the parties will, no doubt, engage in discovery to determine assets, debts, etc., prior to having a final hearing. Discovery could take up to six months from the date the Defendant files his/her answer.

  • Discovery

    Discovery includes interrogatories (questions that must be answered under oath), "requests for production of documents" or "notice to produce" which require the parties to turn over certain documents pertaining to property, finances, debts, investments, employment, etc. Discovery may also include depositions in which a party is required to testify under oath with all questions and testimony being taken down (typed) by a court reporter.

    Note: During the discovery period, phone records, social media accounts (i.e., Facebook, Twitter, etc.), text messages, e-mail, are all fair game.

  • Mediation

    Mediation is available to mediate the issues of the divorce action. Some courts require that the divorcing parties go to mediation. A mediator is an independent, neutral party who listens to the concerns of each party and attempts to help them reach a resolution. If some issues just cannot be resolved in mediation, then a “mediation agreement” will be signed by the parties as to those issues that were resolved. The remaining unresolved issues will be determined by the Court at trial.